Istanbul Aydin University (GOLD)


  It is not surprising to encounter the graduates of Istanbul Aydın University, which has taken the road with the slogan of "Towards a Bright Future", at the brightest spots of business life. Istanbul Aydın University is a city and campus university located in the center of Istanbul with its experienced academic staff who have gained a reputation for their scientific studies in our country and in the world. The first thing that will engage your attention when you step on campus is the vitality of it. Istanbul Aydın University where you can experience an activity every hour of the day, is dominated by constant energy and mobility. Having succeeded many accomplishments in spite of being young, IAU prepares its students for their dream jobs by providing free career planning service to its students and alumni. 

  You can find yourself starring in a movie, doing a research or singing along with somebody when you visit IAU that knows the importance of practical education besides theoretical education. You should not be surprised when you go to a university abroad and meet someone who is a student of IAU. While sending many students to abroad within the program of ERAMUS, at the same time Istanbul Aydın University receives many students from abroad. Stepping with the conscious of that scientific research and developments are only possible through advanced technology and developments and the principle of "Technological University", we provide uninterrupted service to our students in our foreign language, foodstuff and computer laborites with high technologies. In this context, it is not surprising that the biggest Techno-center of Turkey is in Istanbul Aydın University

  The doors of Europe are open for our students with IAU diplomas since IAU applied for "ECTS Label" and "DS Label" awards given by the European Commission to European universities which have passed the ECTS and DS Label applications in excellence, and won approval. For instance, if you have graduated from the Department of Business, your diploma is now valid in Europe. This is just one of the steps we have taken on the purpose of being "a global university". Istanbul Aydın University is resolving the problem of being inexperienced, one of the disadvantages for students during job searches, by preparing them for business life during their education life. We support our students after graduation by embracing a lifelong education approach; we are making career planning for our students with our career center that provides uninterrupted service, working to make sure that our students have their dream jobs after graduation by employing many of them with the partnership of our numerous solution partners. One should not forget to have fun beside all of these things. IAU students meet many famous people at spring festivals, seminars, conferences and other activities carried out during an academic year and gain experiences by listening their success stories. 

  Being "Turkey's Most Preferred Foundation University Since Its Establishment", Istanbul Aydın University precisely meets the demands of its students and continues to grow rapidly towards a bright future with its campuses in Bahçelievler and Florya, its academic units, research centers and the ideal of being a "Global University" by constantly providing new opportunities to its students.


Turkey / Istanbul


Beşyol, İnönü Cd. No:38, 34295 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul


   Istanbul Aydın University was established under the guidance of Anatolia Education and Culture Foundation in accordance with the additional article numbered 73 of the law numbered 5656 published in the Official Gazette numbered 26526 on the date of 18.05.2007. Istanbul Aydın University was established with the experiences gained through an existing university and Anadolu Bil Vocational School of Higher Education founded in 2003 as a result of the bonds established beforehand. In this context, IAU has a unique position in Turkey. The two institutions gathered under the same roof with the establishment of IAU and started to provide associate's degree, bachelor's degree and master's degree education. Both Istanbul Aydın University and Anadolu Bil Vocational School of Higher Education are based on the ground of Anatolia Education and Culture Foundation (AKEV). 

  Being one of the youngest and the most dynamic universities of our country that proceeds in the direction of global education and international development, Istanbul Aydın University contributes not only to our country but also to humanity by sustaining education and studies in the field of contemporary modern sciences. Besides taking its rightful place in the world through its contributions with its academic units in local, national and international fields by taking advantage of international cooperation and solidarity, some of the important elements for international education, Istanbul Aydın University continues to become popular in the areas of science and technology.

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Campus Life

   Istanbul Aydın University’s newly-built Information Center on Florya Campus occupies an area of 3.000 m2. It has a capacity of 728 seats and 50,000 volumes of shelf. The Center has 6 group study rooms and 13 personal study rooms. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. IAU Information Center’s collection covers national and international various resources like printed books, periodicals, reference materials, technical publications, theses and various multimedia resources. Also internet connection is available for researchers. It is possible to access e-books and e-journals via academic data bases such as Ebrary, JSTOR, WILEY. Istanbul Aydın University offers social facilities considering the needs of our students, academic and administrative staff. There are 6 cafeterias in Florya Campus and 3 Bahcelievler Campus that serve affordable and healthy food to 5000 thousand people at once. Also there are 6 garden cafeterias and outdoors recreational areas. 

  The main campus has conference halls, auditoriums for plays and other performances furbished with latest technical equipment. Indoors and outdoors sport complexes provide the opportunity to play sports like football, basketball, volleyball. There are two fitness centers for students and staff. There are numerous public and private dormitories for female and male students around the Florya campus. The IAU operates a brand new women’s dormitory within easy reach of the campus.

Our Mission

The mission of Istanbul Aydın University is; 

  • - To be an institution that serves the community via education which puts forward world class basic, applied and interdisciplinary research and proficiency in professions that accelerates the transformation of information into product with an infrastructure keeping up to date technologically that is required for education, training and researches at the top level. 
  • - To prepare students as competent individuals in their professions for an environment with global competition and cultural differences through taking into account their individual differences by creating a campus with the physical conditions that contain different cultures and international elements. 
  • - To create national and international cooperation with Academic Environments, Businesses and NGOs, 
  • - To promote individuals and the society into lifelong learning, 
  • - To become center of attraction in national and international arenas for students and academicians.