How to Apply?

How To Get Started Your Study In Turkey Journey?

Congratulations on your decision to study in Turkey with Askuni! As every student, you are looking for how to get started and how can I find what I am looking for. Don’t worry Askuni advisers are here to help you in any subject at any time. We summarized how you can apply for Turkish universities through Askuni with six steps. So please read the following steps carefully and complete the necessary steps in order to prepare for your program.


Find The Right Program And University

Visit our program search platform to help you determine what programs might satisfy your academic needs.

Firstly, do you want to study a specific subject while abroad or would you prefer to choose from a broad selection of programs? If you want to study a specific program just type in the search section and you will find all available programs but if you want to select and see what to study just click search bottom without typing and then modify the result by using our filter. Also Identifying the campus type, the language of instruction, location and checking study mode will help you to narrow your program choices; check if discounts are available using sort by the filter on the upper side of program result.

Check The Entry Requirements And Costs

Before applying, you need to check that you have the required documents to apply. No need to go another page just click REQUIREMENTS on the bottom side of each result. Although this article mainly talks, in general, each program may have particular subject requirements and each university has its own required documents and you must check requirements first. Most government universities demand specific exams like YOS, SAT, GRE, etc while most private universities don't demand these exams. Even the language of your documents is important, most state universities need only Turkish translated and notarized documents while private ones need only to be in English. Your previous academic success, the language certificates you have are always important in your application. So you can ask yourself before you apply?


Check The Application Dates And Deadlines

On our deadline search page, you can find the application status of all Turkish universities on up to date. Do not miss the deadline of your dream program and always check from deadline page. Even if the application didn’t start yet you can click remind me and as soon as we update you will receive a notification email.

Meet With Our Advisers

Once you have narrowed your options to a few programs or locations, contact our advisers so they can help you and give you more about the university and the location you selected. You can contact advisers for both social media and visit our main office in Istanbul. Don’t forget that you can send an email any time to



To apply, use our dashboard and find the “Apply Now” button for your university of choice. You can apply for more 5 universities at one time. If you have any question about the application process just chat with university representative or contact us.