Cyprus International University


  Cyprus International University is located in North Cyprus, just outside the capital city of Nicosia. Founded in 1997, the University offers over 100 degree programs to students from over 100 countries. The University is affiliated with the Levent Group of companies, and has close links with companion enterprises in construction, international trade, manufacturing, energy, banking, dairy-farming, poultry farming, and agriculture, and various other sectors. This enables the University to offer an outstanding hands-on learning experience spanning classroom, campus, and a wide variety of work environments.


Northern Cyprus / Nicosia


Cyprus International University, 99258, Nicosia


  The strategic geopolitical location of the island of Cyprus and its proximity to the birthplace of civilization has played an important role in what Cyprus is today; a small but very international island. This international identity became the inspiration for our name. Cyprus International University has its roots in the vision of Mr. Özer Boyacı who set out to establish an institution that would make a mark on higher education in North Cyprus. 

  After 24 years, the fulfillment of his vision can be seen in the countless success stories that came out of CIU, an educational infrastructure second to none on the island, a campus encompassing over a million square meters, an increasing focus on research, social responsibility, environment and culture and an ever growing number of graduates in over a hundred different countries.

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Campus Life

  With a campus area of 900 thousand square meters, CIU is a fully equipped campus university that can meet all the needs of its students.

  The university rightfully boasts of carrying out all its educational activities in a secure, clean and green environment. CIU is a full-fledged campus university equipped with 59,322 m2 of educational premises, 8,500 m2 reserved for indoor and outdoor social events, 22,500 m2 reserved for sports, and 6,000 m2 of laboratory facilities. CIU gives importance to student engagement in campus natural areas and open space stewardship which the university believes will contribute to the academic achievement of the students.

Our Mission

  We help students attain the knowledge, skills and progressive values that will promote career opportunities, ensure sustainable living, and contribute to the development of society. Within our unique environment, our innovative student-centred approach incorporates cross-disciplinary learning, use of advanced technology, and a strong focus on independent learning.