Isik University

  • Private University
  • Istanbul / Turkey

Meşrutiyet, Işık Ünv., 34980 Şile/İstanbul


    Since its founding in 1996, Işık University has strengthened today to 5 Faculties with 35 undergraduate programs, two Vocational Schools with 21 associate degree programs, Graduate Institutes in Social Sciences and Applied Sciences, a School of Foreign Languages, and a Center for Continuing Education. Işık University, a central focus of the Feyziye Schools Foundation 134 cultural life, with its strong faculty membership and proactive administration, has established an institution that provides the work and academic worlds with future "GOOD" individuals who have vision and conviction. To answer today's demands, Işık University has established two campuses - in Şile and Maslak - set near the modern city life as well as in a natural environment on 490,000 square meters with modern infrastructure, classrooms, dormitories, libraries, social and athletic facilities, and an art gallery. The Faculty of Fine Arts, the Vocational Schools, the Center for Continuing Education, the Social Sciences Institute and the Applied Sciences Institute are located on the Maslak Campus; all other faculties and departments are found on the Şile Campus.


    IŞIK University, founded in 1996, was established on the educational excellence achieved by the 134-year-old Feyziye Schools Foundation (FMV). The institution opened its doors as the Feyz-i Sibyan School on December 14, 1885, in Salonica. The institution has been witness to Turkish history from the Ottoman Empire to the founding of the Republic and national sovereignty under the leadership and vision of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Early in the 20th century, the FMV moved to Istanbul and established a campus in Nişantaşı, Şişli, where it still maintains a primary and high school. In 1935, during the celebration of its 50th anniversary and with the blessings of its most prominent former pupil, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Fevziye Schools adopted the name of "IŞIK" (pron. ih-shik). In 1985, at its centennial anniversary, FMV expanded its operations with the addition of a primary and high school campus in Maslak, Sarıyer, in Istanbul. 

    A decade later, in 1995, FMV entered the higher education sector with the founding of Işık University at the Maslak Campus. In 2000, an additional K-12 campus with a kindergarten, primary school, and high school was established on the Asian side of Istanbul in Erenköy. Işık University began offering instruction at the Şile campus in 2003. Our university opens the door to the future for our youth through contemporary education provided by our country's leading academicians taking inspiration from the IŞIK traditions.

Our Mission

    Illuminating the past and the future through education.


    FMV Işık Schools is an institution whose primary guiding principle is to 'raise good citizens'. In fulfilling this, our mission is to strenghten and promote in our students; knowledge of and self-expression in both their mother tongue and foreign languages, tolerance of otherness, historical awareness, academic mind set and analytical social skills, awareness of and sensitivity to the environment, and internalization of a set of ethical values, development of their individual talents in the arts, sports and literature, consciousness of the need for lifelong learning in an ever-changing world.

Campus Life

    Işık University carries out its education on two fully functional campuses. Far from the city center, the university is located on a large area, which allows for various recreational activities. Situated near the beautiful beaches of Şile, the campus offers Işık University students the opportunity to engage in water sports, trekking, climbing, rafting, and bicycle tours. Şile Campus caters to a 7/24 life with its dorms, sports centers, 24-hour working library, medical center and cafeterias, computer labs, markets, and restaurants. The campus also provides students with a rich recreational and cultural life including concerts, festivals, galleries, seminars and other activities. Located in the city center of Istanbul, the Maslak Campus hosts graduate programs and the Faculty of Fine Arts. Additionally, various cultural activities such as art exhibitions, which are open to everyone, are organized in Maslak Campus. Due to its central location, transportation to Maslak Campus is very convenient.

University Features

  • Students Number:7584
  • Year of Foundation:1996-01-01
  • Campus Number:2
  • Faculties Number:3
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