Lokman Hekim University


   Lokman Hekim University started its academic activities in the 2018-2019 academic year. Our university continues education and training with 2377 students in 11 undergraduate programs in 5 faculties, including Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Sport Sciences and Vocational School of Health Services, and 11 associate degree programs in 1 School. In addition, our Health Sciences Institute continues its education with 18 Master’s with Thesis, 1 Master’s without Thesis and 8 Doctorate Programs. There are 13 Application and Research Centers within the Application and Research Center of our university. Our university gave its first graduates on 12 August 2020 in the First and Emergency Aid Technician and Anesthesia Technician Programs within the Vocational School of Health Services. 

  Our university, as a pioneer in health education and with a research-development-oriented corporate culture; It is our mission to raise individuals who have the competence to realize their potential all over the world, who have knowledge of the information and technologies of the age, who produce in the light of scientific knowledge, who take initiatives to contribute to the local, regional and national economy, who consider and develop healthy life at the individual and social level, and who adhere to ethical values. Lokman Hekim Health Group’s experience of nearly a quarter of a century in the provision of health services, our strong and multidisciplinary academic staff, and our being one of the few universities with a university hospital among Foundation universities give our students the chance to do rich practice, research and internship, and constitute one of the strongest aspects of our education. Our university campus is located in Ankara, the heart of Turkey.


Turkey / Ankara


Söğütözü Mh. 2179 Cd. No: 6 Çankaya 06510/ANKARA


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Our Mission

   Lokman Hekim University;

  •  To equip its graduates with universal knowledge, skills and competencies as a leading university in health education, 
  •  To ensure the advancement and dissemination of science through research, 
  •  To contribute to the local, regional and national economy with the knowledge produced,

  Adhering to ethical and cultural values, it is committed to improving healthy life at the individual and social level.