Ibn Haldun University


   Ibn Haldun University’s (IHU) motto is Intellectual Independence. Instruction started in the 2017-2018 academic year with 215 undergraduates, (150 from Turkey and 65 from abroad.) Over 250 graduate students are also enrolled in various IHU departments, plus another 100 from more than forty countries who have already been pursuing their studies in the Department of Civilization Studies under the Alliance of Civilizations Institute. Currently, more than a hundred academics are lecturing across eleven departments in six schools. They provide instruction highlighting comparative methods across all disciplines. Additional emphasis is placed on embracing both Eastern and Western learning and scholarship. IHU promotes a policy of trilingualism. 

  The languages in question are English, Modern Turkish, and Arabic. For most schools and departments, English is the principal language of instruction, requiring at least a C1-level of fluency. In addition, all our students shall be graduating with at least B2-level Modern Turkish and Arabic. The School of Languages also offers a large selection of elective courses in French, German, Russian, Spanish, Malay or Mandarin. Depending on their performance, students have the chance to receive further, IHU – supported language training in the UK, the US, or in Malaysia. IHU also offers a special Honors Program, as well as diverse extracurricular or club activities in art, sports or travel, which are administered by the Health, Culture and Sports Department (SKS) under the General Secretary’s office. Our ambition is to raise successive generations capable of intercivilizational conversation, who can weave together the complex legacies of a competitive yet unified world.


Turkey / Istanbul


Basak Mah. Ordu Cad. F-05 Blok No:3 P.K. 34480 Basaksehir


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Campus Life

Our Campuses 

  IHU educational activities are held at university’s facilities of Basaksehir Ibn Haldun Complex, Suleymaniye and Bakirkoy Taş Mektep. In addition, 450 years of historical madrasas at the summit of the Ottoman science world in the Suleymaniye Kulliye have been restored by the university, and education activities of School of Islamic Sciences and Alliance of Civilizations Institute are taking place there. 

International Student Environment 

  One of the foundation goals of our university, which admits 150 undergraduate students each year, is to have up to one-third of its undergraduates and half of the graduates from international students. Today, the ratio of international students to all students is 30%, and well selected students from more than 70 countries are studying in our undergraduate and graduate programs. This colorful student environment offers our students the opportunity to meet different cultures of the world. 

Student Clubs & Culture, Art and Sport Activities 

  There are 20 student clubs in our university. Our students can become members of any club or take an active role in the establishment of a club within the framework of the procedures. IHU students gain not only academic knowledge but also cultural awareness of our country and the world. Taking into account the demands of our students, each of the clubs, academic and administrative units organize many cultural events from non-classroom seminars to reading groups, trips and kermes (a charity food fair). Art courses are one of the privileged features of our university. Ney, oud, bağlama, violin, piano, calligraphy, painting, percussion and wood carving courses are held. 

  A new art course can be started by IHU upon the request of at least 7 people. IHU also supports our students in sport activities. Our students are prepared for sport competitions by working together with a coach. Some of the sporting activities such as indoor football, archery, arm wrestling, wrestling, rowing and dragon boat racing, and table tennis, are organized. In addition, our students participate as a team in various competitions and tournaments both in Turkey and abroad. 


  There are dormitories for girls and boys in the Ibn Haldun University Complex. It can accommodate 743 students, including 361 girls and 382 boys. Dormitory rooms are for 3 people. Every comfort has been considered for our students in the rooms and generally in our dormitories. In the dormitory buildings, there are special study areas, recreation areas, social-cultural activity areas and a library, as well as aerobics rooms for girls and fitness centers for boys, and hobby kitchens. The basketball court and tennis court located right next to the dormitory buildings are also available to our students. Various workshops can be held in the dormitories in line with the wishes of the students; Social and cultural events are organized. 

Medical Center 

  All undergraduate and graduate students benefit free of charge from our health center.

Our Mission

  Raising generations of young men and women in the spirit of Ibn Haldun, sharing his insatiable thirst for learning, pioneering a new understanding of humanity and civilization, and leading the way in building a new paradigm for the humanities and social sciences.