Istanbul Commerce University


  Adopting the concept of “Local Identity, Global Vision” as a principle, Istanbul Ticaret University was founded in 2001 with the strong support of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. With its 138-year history and business people representing the half of Turkish Economy, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is one of the most powerful chambers of the world. Istanbul Ticaret University who combines the university with the business world, has been preparing its students for the future with more than 245 professional and prominent faculty members. Istanbul Ticaret University is located in the center of Istanbul. Campuses are located in Kucukyali and Sutluce on the shore of the Golden Horn, a historical peninsula in the midst of historical locations, almost beside the commercial centers. With six faculties, Graduate Schools of: Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, Finance and Foreign Trade and English Preparation school, Istanbul Ticaret University has an important place in the academic world with national and international activities held each year, with its academic studies as well as its publications.


Turkey / Istanbul


Sütlüce, İmrahor Cd. No:90, 34445 Beyoğlu/İstanbul


   Istanbul Ticaret University was established in 2001 by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Education and Social Services Foundation with 6 faculties (Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Law, Communication, Engineering, Architecture and Design), English Preparatory Department and 5 institutes (Foreign Trade, Social Science, Science, Finance Institute, Communication Science and Internet Institute) and Research and Application centres. Our university, which started with 73 students, continues its education life with 9 thousand students and nearly 300 academicians. Our campuses located in Sütlüce and Küçükyalı are one of the leading districts of Istanbul and cultural capitals of the world providing education with scientific and technological developments, as well as cultural and artistic activities and opportunities to conduct research on a global scale. 

  The existence of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, one of the largest and most well-established Chambers of Commerce in Turkey and in the world, plays a major role in ensuring that every student who chooses our university receives a universal education equipped with professional qualifications, integrating theory and practice without breaking away from the realities of life. 4 departments with 100 % English-medium education and 6 departments with 30 percent English-medium education started in the 2014-2015 Academic Year. In our university, the number of English –medium departments is constantly increasing. Thus, an education model was put into practice in which our students will gain global experience. 

  Erasmus, which came to life within the framework of cooperation agreements signed while on its way to becoming an international university, offers the opportunity for our students and academics to gain international experience. As a student-oriented city university where success is rewarded, it has been one of our main riches that our students can study without breaking away from social life and undertake social responsibility projects that will make them proud of the power they get from the university. Our university, which has grown by receiving the institutional support of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce as well as academic knowledge, experience and knowledge. Our programs are designed to connect academia and the business community by offering its students not only a diploma with international validity, but also a high standard in educational environment.

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Campus Life

   Istanbul Ticaret University is a city university rising above the historical and cultural texture of Istanbul, defined as the cradle of civilizations. Besides academic and scientific research, cultural and social activities are of great importance at our university. In this context, seminars, panels, conferences and symposiums, scientific discussions and various exhibitions and concerts, theatre performances and dance activities are organized at our university. Students have the opportunity to express and develop themselves at conferences, panels, interviews and artistic activities within the framework of club events. 

  In the area of our university’s social life, there are tennis courts, basketball fields and swimming pools to color our students’ daily lives at Kandilli Cemile Sultan Social Facility of our founder’s foundation. Our students are also welcomed at the cafeterias and restaurants of Kandilli Cemile Sultan Social Facilities. In addition to spring festivals, graduation balls, picnics, trips, etc. organized within our university, our students also take part in inter-university festivals, tournaments and contests in cultural, sporting and artistic fields within the scope of club activities. Our university clubs achieve important successes by organizing tournaments, contests, and festivals in Turkey. 

   Istanbul Ticaret University offers the current sports facilities to enable students and the personnel to perform activities to improve their physical and mental development for a healthy life. Besides this, Istanbul Ticaret University supports sports teams by employing professional coaches and trainers in order to produce outstanding performance in trainings and contests. ICU encourages sportsmen to behave in accordance with the spirit of friendship and sportsmanship at national and international contests. In health centers situated on our Sutluce and Kucukyali campuses, there is an emergency room, polyclinic, Psychological and medical consultations, medical dressing, treatment, examination and laboratory services are available to our students and staff free of charge. A full-time doctor, nurses, and two specialist psychologists are employed at our health centers. Health services are available until 17:30. The first dose of medicine is given to patients and the medicines required for continuation of the treatment are prescribed. 

  All biochemical tests, complete blood counts, urine analysis, and treatment not requiring hospital care are carried out in our biochemical laboratory. In cases requiring hospital care, the patient is transferred to the nearest fully equipped hospital after first aid has been given. This center has been developed to help students know themselves better, realize problems, and improve their skills in overcoming problems by providing a variety of support services, which include individual and group counselling and training, conferences, and seminars. Confidentiality, voluntarism, trust, cooperation, acceptance, the autonomy of the individual and subjectivity of dialogs are among the unit’s principles. Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center in Istanbul Ticaret University offers its service to all students and staff members of the university from 8.30 am to 17.30 am every week day. Your information or discussions during the sessions will not be shared without your consent. This rule of privacy will not be violated unless you indicate that you are planning on harming either yourself or somebody else in which case we are obliged to contact those who might be involved in the situation and/or a specialist.

Our Mission

  Our mission is to be a contemporary university that can address the changing needs of our country, adjust itself rapidly to global trends, educate human force in a way to make them possess universal moral values, virtues of being enterprising, productive and qualified, acting in a free and fair way as well as assuming responsibility. We have the aspiration to come into prominence by enabling our students to be equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills, realizing leading research and professional applications, finding solutions to private and public sector as well as contributing to the individual and social welfare, which make up the concrete reflections of our mission.