Altinbas University (GOLD)


Altinbas University has, 

- Internationally recognized degrees  

- More than 3700 international students from 84 countries (% 26,84 of the students are international) 

- Links with more than 150 universities in 30 countries - 53 Laboratories  

- The largest health sciences campus among the universities in Turkey 

- Top quality academic staff - Extensive scholarship opportunities for international students  

- Business partnerships with over 100 companies - Internships, summer schools and study abroad opportunities 

- Outstanding campus facilities for support of your education.


Turkey / Istanbul


Mahmutbey, Dilmenler Cd. No:26, 34217 Bağcılar/İstanbul


  Founded under the name “Istanbul Kemerburgaz University” by Mehmet Altınbaş Education and Culture Foundation in 2008, the university proceeds on its way towards the future after its name was changed to “Altınbaş University” in 2017. Established at the bequest of the late businessman, Mehmet Altınbaş, who had always emphasized the importance of “investing in education”; Altınbaş University has been the most precious legacy to Altınbaş family. With its brand new name driven by the power of Altınbaş Holding, the University is now taking firmer and stronger steps towards its new goals. Having welcomed its first students in the academic year 2011/12, Altınbaş University grew into an international research university showing its breakthrough progress within a very short period of time. 

  Today, it continues to provide value-added contributions to the scientific community with its high number of granted patents, TUBITAK projects and high rate of faculty publications and participation to international conferences. Home to 9 Undergraduate Schools, 1 Institute of Graduate Studies, 2 Vocational Schools as of the academic year 2017-2018, Altınbaş University is currently offering 26 bachelor’s degree programmes, 11 associate’s degree programmes, 24 master’s degree programmes and 8 PhD programmes. As part of its goal to become a hub of international scientific research and activities, more than 3 thousand out of ten thousand students admitted to Altınbaş University are from 88 different countries of the world. 

  With its strong academic staff adding value to universal knowledge, its global structure, international collaborations, and its entrepreneurial, innovative and competitive vision that enables students to develop and maintain a broader perspective all the time, Altınbaş University keeps enhancing students’ experience and learning process to ensure all its graduates stand out in a crowd of competitors. Keeping itself always updated with the latest trends in 21st century education and educational technology, and constantly improving its learning processes through lifelong learning methodology approach, Altınbaş University carries forward its mission to promote boundary-free thinking, creative, innovative learning and research environments, and to act in a manner that benefits society as solution-oriented institution.

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Campus Life

Mahmutbey Campus: 

  It is not only designed for educational life, but also for hosting activities oriented to enrich social and cultural lives of students. In this respect, the campus has many facilities where international conferences, talks with professionals, concerts, festivals, exhibitions etc. can be held. 

Library: The main library of Altınbaş has a rich collection of books and periodicals. Altınbaş provides the access to the worldwide databases. It is moving rapidly in order to become a modern library supporting scientific and intellectual activities, and using the latest technology while providing service at international standards. 

Health Center: Health center of Altınbaş serves during Office hours with a doctor, nurses and a fully equipped clinic at Mahmutbey campus. 

Psychology Research and Application Center: The center provides psychological counseling service to adults, couples, children, adolescents and families. It also carries out training activities, clinical measurement and evaluation, group therapies, seminars as well as scientific research activities. 

Sports Center and Stadium: Altınbaş offers many unique and exciting opportunities for students to participate in competitive team sports and stay physically fit at state-of-the-art, world-class training center. 

Bakırköy Campus: 

  Bakırköy Campus is a home to Turkey’s largest health sciences campus among the foundation universities. It has the School of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Dentistry Hospital. It is located in a very central point of Bakırköy in which is a very lively city center with many shops, shopping malls and restaurant. There are plenty of private housing options nearby the campus. We can assist you with a network of students who would like to share apartments with you. 

Gayrettepe Campus: 

  In the city center, Gayrettepe Campus is home to the School of Management, Fine Arts, Law, Applied Sciences and Graduate School of Social Sciences. This campus is located in the heart of Istanbul where you will have an easy access to social and cultural activities, to the newest restaurants in town with Turkish and World cuisine by walk. Many multinational companies’ headquartes are located in Gayrettepe. When you take a glimps in the sky, you can dream a future in the skyscrapers that will surround you. Don’t forget to take a short walk with your friends to Besiktas where you can enjoy the dazzling view of the Bosphorus. Due to the central location of our campus in Gayrettepe, there are plenty of private housing options nearby the campus. We can assist you with a network of students who would like to share apartments with you.

Our Mission

Produce people capable of adding value to themselves and the society.