Biruni University


  BIRUNI offers 26 programs within the scope of 6 Faculties, Institutes and Vocational Schools, including the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, which include all health-related departments. 

Scholarship Opportunities 

   There are various scholarship opportunities available, including one for those who make Biruni their first choice, and another based on academic success. All scholarships are non-refundable and valid during normal education times. 

The Biruni Method in Education 

  BirBilginOl (Biruni Knowledge Archive) is an application model created to ensure the permanence of knowledge in the student to transfer and assimilate information in the education process. BirDeHa (Biruni Lesson Preparation) is an interactive active participation model, which was developed to ensure timely learning of subjects for cognitive development and performance improvement in students. 

Double Diploma, Minor Specialization and Transfer Between Departments 

  Students who reach a certain level of success in our university programs are provided with the opportunity to transfer between departments. In addition, double major and minor programs are offered. 

International Opportunities 

   Biruni University, which measures itself by global world standards, is developing collaborations with international, pioneering and renowned health institutions in the field of education. Our university has made agreements with leading institutions across the sector and established significant strategic partnerships. In addition, student exchange and internship mobility programs are implemented with many universities in Europe under the Erasmus+ program. To further this goal, the International Relations Office takes part in the international management of Biruni University. By participating in international education fairs such as NAFSA (Association of International Educators), and EAIE (European Association for International Education), we explore cooperation options with Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. 

Biruni Junior Scientist Training Program 

  Students are provided with the opportunity to work on various projects and immerse themselves in research culture within the scope of an extensive program, in order to become the leading scientists of the future, under the supervision of our faculty members. 

Hospitals and Laboratories, Equiped with Advanced Technology 

  Our university hospitals, which are part of a field-oriented university dedicated to health sciences, plan to be pioneers in their fields, equipped with the most advanced technology and staffed by top quality, highly experienced academic professionals, in order to provide a better service to our patients.


Turkey / Istanbul


Protokol Yolu No:45, 10. Yıl Cd., 34010 Zeytinburnu


  World Education Established was founded to initiate a universal health-based university to contribute to both the academia and the life of our country through theoretic and applied scientific studies. In order to reach that aim we held several consultations with prominent intellectuals and people of science in our country. As a result of this survey, it is determined that a health-based university would be founded on the principles of thinking and acting in a scientific way, through research and universality. Founders and the board of trustees gave the university name of ‘Biruni’, a Turkish man of science who was declared a “universal genius” by UNESCO in 1974, as an appropriate name for both its mission and vision. Biruni University, with an aim to find and train our country’s next generation of Birunis, took its place within the Turkish system of higher education as a civil corporation after the Dünya Education Foundation applied to the Turkish Grand National Assembly according to Law number 6525 on 27 February 2014.

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Campus Life

  Our university is located in the city center of Istanbul (within easy walking distance of Marmaray Kazlicesme station, Cevizlibag metrobus station and close to Eurasia Tunnel), and offers a campus life intertwined with the historical fabric of Istanbul, opposite the Topkapı Walls.

Our Mission

  To provide a university education being aware of the responsibility of fulfilling the prospects of the whole humanity through producing knowledge and applying it in healthcare areas; respectful to the diversity and value judgments of people; meeting the expectations of the students at global standards.