Fees for International Students in Turkish Universities

-Fees for International Students (foreigners) in Turkish Universities
هزینه و تأمین مالی


Fees and Costs 

  Turkish universities are divided into public universities and private universities. Therefore, prices and university fees vary. Universities in Turkey, with differences from many countries, are separated in state-based universities and private-based universities. A classification like this offers a wide range of prices for international students. 


Government Universities:

  Government universities are much cheaper than private universities, and the language of instruction is mostly Turkish language, for first level students (bachelor stage) wishing to join the public universities. There is a math and IQ test (called YOS) and this test determines who are eligible to join public universities. Please check the required documents on each department because some public universities may not demand the YOS test.

  Askuni team are working to make things easier for students to apply for public universities directly from our website.

  Universities which are administrated by the government, generally are affordable for everyone because their tuition fees are cheap. Programs in state universities generally are in Turkish language, so it may require studying a year preparation for Turkish Language.

  For students who want to study bachelor’s degree in state universities, some universities require YOS Exam which is the official exam for foreign students to enter in Turkish universities. YOS Exam is constructed in two parts, the first part is in relation to Mathematic and the second part is the IQ test. Result of this exam will determine your future in state universities in Turkey. It is important to check the university that you want to apply and control if they require YOS Exam score and how much they do.

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Undergraduate Estimated Fees:

  • - Government universities that teach in English language costs around $500 - $1,500.
  • - Government universities that teach in Turkish language costs around $250 - $750.

Graduate Estimated Fees:

  • - For masters and PhD students in public universities are cheaper but there is a test called ALES, YDS or TOEFL to join public universities. The master programs in Public universities around $150 - $300 per year.


Private universities:

  Most private universities are expensive when you compare with state universities, and the language of instruction is English. It is the opposite of Public universities for prices. There are no differences whether the language of teaching is English or Turkish. Mostly, their fees are the same for most departments except medical schools. Private universities are educational institutions which offer programs in English language and are highly preferred by international students. Fees for these institutions are different from state universities and differentiate depending on the university. In many cases programs are in the English language, but also 30% English and 100% Turkish.

Private universities charge almost:

  • - Undergraduate students: $2,000 - $8,500 per year
  • - Masters students: $2,500 - $10,000 in two years
  • - PhD students: $4,000 - $20,000 four years

  The expensive colleges for prices are the General Medical School, the lowest prices are $14000 per year and the language of instruction is English, If the language of instruction is Turkish, the fee is around $11,000 per year

  Most private universities have agreements with companies specialized in student services. These companies work for students to reduce prices and provide them with the necessary services.

  If you would like to study with cheap prices at any Turkish universities, please submit your papers through this website askuni.com and pay much less than normal rates.


How to pay fees?

  Fees are paid after the student receives the official admission from the university, the university will send an acceptance letter to the student and then the student will apply for an entry visa through the nearest Turkish embassy in your country. Fees payment may be different based on university requirement. Some private universities may ask for a partial payment of the fee to send an acceptance letter which will be used in the visa application process in the Turkish embassy of your country.


Refund of university fees?

  There is also a difference to the refund policy for state and private universities, generally, the public universities do not refund the fees after paying them. In private universities, there are universities who fully refunded, and some universities are deducted from the student $ 1000 and the rest of the fees are returned in full. Please ask how to refund the fees before paying them first. Finally, you can get the answers to the refund policy and all your questions by simply signing up our website and starting a direct chatting with universities-representatives.

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