Top 10 Universities with the Best Campus Life in the Turkey

Campus Life is important and beautiful! Students can turn their time spent on campus in the beautiful memories, making new friends and taking advantage of all the opportunities offered. Here are top 10 Beautiful Campuses In Turkey.




Middle East Technical University has 3 campuses but the biggest one is the main campus in Ankara, used by the university since 1963, is the first university campus of Turkey. It is situated about 20 km west of central Ankara and encompasses an area of 11,100 acres (4,500 ha). The campus grounds were transformed into a forest with the continuing help of students and volunteers since the foundation of the university. The creation of this distinctive campus with its forest was spearheaded by the METU rector from 1961 to 1969.



Boğazici University is one of the biggest and famous universities in Turkey and in the world. Boğazici takes pride in its lively and colourful campus life. To complement and enrich the academic experience with active campus life, the university supports student clubs, arts and sports activities, and provides a variety of services from health care to counselling for students and staff. Thanks to its on-campus housing facilities, it remains active around the clock. Boğazici has 6 campuses, 5 in Asian side and one in the Europe side, in my opinion, the best one is their main campus in Rumeli Hisarı which is Famous for its Bosporus view. In if you are willing to study this university you should visit this campus otherwise you will miss many things.




Anadolu University was founded in 1958 and it’s the biggest open education provider in Turkey. Yunus Emre Campus, the main campus, is situated in the centre of Eskisehir where scientific and cultural facilities and activities are concentrated. Some of the faculties, vocational schools, social and sports facilities, and administrative units are situated on Yunus Emre Campus. Also, this campus hosts every year many festivals like International Eskisehir Festival and when you go there you get the chance to visit the Contemporary Arts Museum. Not only that but in this campus, there is also the Anadolu Hotel, Academic Club, Tasbina Restaurant and Guest House.




Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University is a Turkish private higher-education institution established on April 24, 2010. The university’s main campus is in Halkalı district which was an agricultural school during the Ottoman Empire. The campus has long his history and well-protected historical events. Being at this campus is like travelling back to historical life. Today this campus is one of the largest and modern campuses in Turkey.




Located in the hills of Sariyer, Istanbul, Koc University is twenty minutes from the Black Sea beaches, surrounded by charming villages and natural landscapes, and connected to the city centre through a plethora of convenient transportation options. Koc University has four other campus locations: West Campus, Nisantasi Campus, RCAC Beyoglu and Istinye Campus. Koc University’s main campus consists of sixty buildings: academic colleges, administrative offices, laboratories, library, social and sports facilities, health centre, student dormitories and faculty residences. University’s dormitories have a capacity of 2.200 students. The classrooms and laboratories are equipped with the latest technological infrastructure and support systems. On-campus conveniences include a grocery store, hairdresser, full-service bank, lustre saloon, cafeterias, and other dining options.




Yeditepe University is a private foundation university situated in Istanbul, Turkey. Established by the Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation in 1996, Yeditepe University now claims to be the largest foundation universities in Turkey. Their main campus located in Ataşehir district. The University’s main campus has 236,000 m² of landscaped green area within its borders and overlooks the islands in the Marmara Sea, creating an educational oasis within the city and yet remaining ideally removed from the daily clamour. In this campus, there are two indoor and outdoor sports halls, offering students many opportunities for exercise. The indoor facilities, located in the Recreational Hall, include two volleyball and basketball courts – one with tiered spectator seating – a squash court, a fitness centre, a semi-Olympic swimming pool – again, with seating area – and a table tennis area. The outdoor facilities like a swimming pool, sports areas for basketball, volleyball and tennis, and an Astroturf soccer pitch.




 Sabancı University has a campus that is away from the hectic life of the city yet offers everything students may need in their everyday lives. Amenities abound from a performing arts centre to a sports hall, convenience store, movie theatre and exercise areas. Among universities in Turkey, Sabancı University has the highest housing capacity as a percentage of its number of students.




İstanbul Bilgi University has four campuses: Kustepe, Dolapdere, santralistanbul, Kozyatagı. All the campuses are centrally located and offer the students a vivid and colourful student life full of social and cultural events. But the best one is the SantralIstanbul Campus. The SantralIstanbul, opened in 2007, is art and cultural complex located at the upper end of Golden Horn in the Eyüp district of Istanbul, Turkey. The centre, consisting of an energy museum, an amphitheatre, concert halls and a public library, is situated within the Silahtaraga campus of Istanbul Bilgi University that was formerly the first power station of the Ottoman Empire.




A student at Bilkent has plenty of opportunities to develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, culturally, socially, and physically. If you like sports, all the facilities you need for exercise, practice and competition are provided. If you are interested in getting involved in school clubs and organizations, there are many to choose from. If you want to meet peers from around the globe who have come to call Bilkent home, then you will find a close-knit international community. Employees also share in the life of the Bilkent community and can take advantage of numerous opportunities for professional development as well. Bilkent campus is inviting, friendly and safe. With residential and dining services, academic and personal assistance and counselling, and many other programs and services in addition to those just mentioned, Bilkent provides you with an experience that is both enriching and enjoyable.




Istanbul Technical University (commonly referred to as ITU) is an international technical university located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is the world's third-oldest technical university dedicated to engineering sciences as well as social sciences recently and is one of the most prominent educational institutions in Turkey. ITU is a public (state) university. It has five campuses, which are in the most important areas of Istanbul. Among ITU's five campuses, the main campus of Maslak is a suburban campus, covering a total area of 2.64 km². The University Rectorate, swimming pool, stadium, along with most of the faculties, student residence halls and the central library of ITU are located there.




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