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TED University was established by an act of the Parliament dated July 07, 2009 The founder is the Turkish Education Association - Higher Education Foundation (TEDYÜV) which in turn was founded by the Turkish Education Association (TED).

TED University (TEDU) is a young, dynamic university, located in the heart of Ankara. It was founded in 2012 by the Turkish Education Association (TED), which has been pioneering the development of education in Turkey since 1928. With an emphasis on liberal arts education, TEDU aims to foster graduates, who are creative, critical-minded, self-confident and well-rounded. The University consists of five faculties: Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences; Education and Engineering, and English is the medium of instruction. TEDU is a progressive academic institution offering an integrated approach to higher education and a high quality student-focused educational experience. Through academically rigorous coursework, dynamic teaching, meaningful research, and a myriad of opportunities for students to engage locally and abroad we seek to build a diverse community of socially responsible, globally minded, lifelong learners.      


  • Establish schools that offer high-quality education in Turkish and foreign languages.
  • Extend experience to all levels of education from pre-school to university level across the country.
  • Provide housing for students and support the education of successful students in financial need by providing countrywide scholarships.
  • Create scientific platforms to take Turkish educational standards to contemporary levels.
  • Expand activities of the civil initiative to international platforms as well.
  • Conduct research projects to raise social awareness regarding problems and solution for the existing system of education.
  • Take an active role in the formulation of the Turkish education policy.
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