Why Sign Up for Askuni?

Askunicom is the biggest course search platform in Turkey and there are a lot of reasons to sign up. Some of the features you will be able to use if you sign...


  • Personalise your Search

           Use our filter to personalise your search and find your perfect study match.


  • Save Searches

           You can save time by creating saved searches. If you're logged in, your searches will also appear in your dashboard.


  • Compare

          Compare universities easily with a range of options and choice the best suitable for you.


  • Apply with Discount

           Applying directly through our website and get up to 80% discounts, and you can save a lot.


  • Add to Wishlist

          Add your favourite courses to your Wishlist so you can check any time you want and save time for searching again.


  • Deadline Reminder

          Best application dates tool. If your university is not open, just add to your reminder list and you will get notification email as soon as they open the application.

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