Study in Turkey offers many opportunities to international students, but Erasmus maybe is one of the best.
Erasmus programs offers to every student in Turkey an amazing opportunity to study in best universities in European Union. Sounds great right? But is not over, in addition you don'y pay any cost to host university.
In the same time, you will receive a monthly payment from Erasmus office of your university.
But Erasmus is not limited with just studying one or two semesters abroad, also it has Erasmus Internship Program in which students can go in EU countries to do their internship which can last minimum two and maximum twelfth months. The same logic as above is implemented, when student receive month payment from Erasmus office of university.
Every student have a great opportunity to study in best universities in EU, to develop language skills and why not to learn a new one. Make more international friends and live an experience that will never forget.
Last 14 years there are more than 450000 students who participated in Erasmus program with an average of 55.000 students benefiting yearly.
As conclusion our recommendation is that every student must be part of Erasmus program.
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