Equivalence Certificate

An Equivalence Letter received from the Ministry of Education of Turkey certifying that your High School Diploma is equivalent to a Turkish High School Diploma will be required during registration. You cannot enrol at a university in Turkey without the certificate of equivalence. This document is available at the Ministry of Education of the Turkish Republic or at the Turkish Embassy of your home country.

Obtaining a Diploma Equivalence Certificate for your high school diploma is compulsory for everyone aiming to study Turkish higher education institutions. So how can you get this letter?

There are two ways you can get it: -

  • Turkish Consulate/Embassy in your hometown.

This is the most recommended one is to obtain Equivalence Certificate at a Turkish Consulate/Embassy in your hometown. Because when they know well the education system of your country and local schools and most importantly you do not worry if your certificate will be accepted in Turkey or not.

  • Ministry of Education of the Turkish Republic in your city

The Equivalence Certificate is a document issued by the Turkish Ministry of Education or the Embassies from your country and it proves your education is equivalent to an education in Turkey. The Equivalence certificate can be obtained from all Provincial Directorate of National Education.

Required documents to apply for the certificate of the equivalence are as follow:

  • Application Form
  • Original Diploma (Copy of the diploma should be submitted as well)
  • Original transcript (Copy of the transcripts should be submitted as well)
  • Copy of your passport (First page of the passport and the page with the entrance stamp)
  • Copy of Acceptance letter
  • Residence permit (if applicable)

NOTE 1: Students who have completed the A- and O-level track must fulfil one of the following options:

  • Two A-Levels, One AS-Level, and Two O-levels
  • Three A-Levels and One O-Level
  • Two A-Levels and Three O-Levels

NOTE 1:  before you leave your country be sure that you have taken all transcripts of your high school because some provinces like Istanbul is demanded the transcript of the last three years of high school.  


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