Who We are?

  Askuni is a platform that you can search for programs, universities and even application deadlines of more than 100 universities. We are the biggest program search platform available in Turkey and we are the first website in this sector. In our website, students can get information about over 100 public and private universities and over 10,000 programs and even they can read previous student reviews and apply if they like it. Using our website, you can compare universities, add to your wish list and even apply if you find your dream program. Not only that, but you can also find information about the program you choose, the university and even read previous student reviews to make the best decision.

  Askuni not only helps students but we also focus to deal with program providers and education consulting agencies. As a program provider, you can recruit students using our latest CRM international student recruitment system and even chat with the student before you recruited them.

  To sum it up, we are so happy to welcome you to our office and to our country.

Why Askuni?

For University:

Upload the information of your university including all your programs to our website

Recruit students using our dashboard

Advertise your programs and make them top of search results to able visitors to see first

See students added you on their wish list and start chatting

Upload deadlines update information and see students who demanded to be reminded next application by using remind my system

For Students:

Search over 100 universities and compare them

Search over 10,000 programs and filter them as you like and even apply easily

Read previous students reviews before you apply for universities

Apply any university you liked using our CRM system

Get one on one consultation with our advisors

All these services are free :)